With each assessment that you create in Assessment Generator you are given a unique URL that you can use to share your assessment with whomever you’d like.  For example, you can add your assessment link to your website, post it on social media, or include it in an email message.

Anyone who has this link can take your assessment, though you can opt to encrypt your URL to restrict access to your assessment if you prefer.

When users complete your assessment, their scores are automatically calculated and you can choose to provide their results to them in their browser window, via email, and/or in a printable PDF report.  With Advanced and Private Label subscriptions, you can also opt to redirect users to a specific page on your website depending upon their assessment score.

Assessment Generator offers the flexibility to provide detailed results explanations to your users based upon how they scored.  You can explain your recommended next steps for them to take with you, for example, right from the results explanation.

Your assessment can be taken for as long as your assessment is enabled in your account.  At the end of your evaluation period you can choose to disable your assessment if desired.  You can re-activate your assessment at any time from within your Assessment Generator account.

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