Regarding the Assessment Coaching Packages.


I'm not clear on the further use of the tools. If I buy the package for $197 and load it onto my website, will my clients have to pay for the service or the test when they take it? Or may I offer it as a freebie?


You may offer your assessments as a freebie once you purchase the assessments, they are yours to use as you wish.


How do the test results appear? Do I get a copy of the results as well as my client? And is there some explanation of the results to better apply them to my client?

You receive the results in an email and your participant receives his/her results via email as well, depending on which options you choose. There is a Score Key provided for each assessment. Assessment Generator automatically scores the assessment according to the number of points in the assessment and the  number of Score Keys provided.

So if you have an assessment with a total of 100 points possible and your participant gets a score of 15, he/she will receive the contents of Score Key 1 (with automatic scoring enabled). You can customize the Score Keys to fit your needs.


Is it possible to take a few questions form each section i.e. Career, business and life?


You must purchase the complete package, however, you can choose to create your own assessment using some questions from each assessment. Understand that each package contains several assessments with several questions in each assessment. If you do mix assessments from the different packages, you may need to reword the score results that your users receive. Then have a question about your other service of building


Do you recommend that the assessment packages listed above, be incorporated with or used in combination with the assessment tools that I would build from your assessment Generator?


Absolutely, the assessment package is delivered in a Word document. To get the automatic scoring, you would need to have them loaded into Assessment Generator.