Are your assessments at purchased by life coaches or business coaches?

YES!- all types of coaches purchase the assessments, including personal coaches, career coaches and also people who are not coaches, but have an interest in using these assessments for their sites, surveys, and lead generation.


Could I see a sample assessment from your career & executive category?

Please request by submitting a ticket.

Question: - Could I use these with multiple clients once purchased and also list them on my website?

Yes, you may use these assessments with as many clients and on as many web sites you would like. There are no limits once the assessment package is purchased.

Question: - Could you please send me more information about putting lead generation using these CoachingAssessments on autopilot to drive clients to my site.

Sure - follow this process:

1. Purchase the Assessment package you would like:

2. Subscribe to Assessment Generator at so that your assessments can be automatically scored and sent to your clients and potential clients.

3. Offer a free assessment on your web site for your visitors to take. Once they take an assessment, you receive their score and may contact them.

4. You will need to promote to your list and contacts that you are offering a free assessment.

Here are the advantages of having your Assessments associated with an Assessment Generator account:

1. I'll automatically load these assessments into your account and you will be able to start using them immediately after you customize them.

2. Assessment Generator automatically sends confirmation emails to both you and your participant when an
assessment is taken for you to follow up - automatic lead generation.

3. We provide the html code in Assessment Generator Lite so that you can put the assessment on your web site or use AssessmentGenerator to make sure you can update your assessments without messing with html code.

4. The assessments are automatically scored at our servers.

5. You have the ability to host your assessments on our servers.