Does my Assessment Generator come with automatic promotions?

Since all assessments are unique to the subscriber, Assessment Generator cannot market everyone's assessments. You use the tool to market your site. It is not included in the monthly fee.

Assessment Generator is the tool for you to use to draw traffic to your web site, keep their interest  and give people a reason to come back.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Offer your prospects/clients/customers a free self-assessment. People love free stuff
  2. Offer an assessment in your newsletter
  3. Having an assessment on your web site, your visitors will spread the word in their blogs, emails, on twitter, facebook,newsletters etc, bringing more visitors back to you.
  4. Post your assessment offer on social media sites - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin (to name a few).
  5. Use the link to your assessment in your bio at the end of every article you write or guest blog you post and distribute.
  6. Survey your prospects
  7. Use it as a suggestion or feedback form

See more ideas here: